scandinavian fitness
by Mike Koontz

a fit and healthy life starts anew, every day, with a simple choice.
To make healthy and active choices this day too.

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Strength + Cardio served with healthy food equals a happy, fit and healthy body and mind

Health & fitness
is born in real science
and shaped by the unique person that is you and your purpose and goals.

Creating a more fit and healthy you is outside of personal joy, all about facts and science at the end of the day. Facts and science teach us what works and why that is. And the things you enjoy are what define your fit and active playground.
Forming a life of healthier choices. 

Increased health and fitness is not about following a 4 week game plan handed out at the gym entrance.

It is about perpetual longevity and step by step creating a healthier, and more fit you. Real health and fitness is a never ending journey that keeps on giving for the rest of your life. Making a healthier you an ongoing journey through a complete lifestyle of healthy facts and science that is based on nothing but your own daily choices, health and your own individual life joy.

I am a Scandinavian based writer, photographer and fitness advocate. Living the 24/7 fit and active and wonderfully healthy life I talk, teach and write about.


Lifting weights

the cornerstone of body and mind

A healthy life is made from a simple truth.
Healthy food and proper physical activity is a daily choice.

Healthy food

and a healthy you need the balance of healthy food choices

Eat healthy clean food every day

Greens. Fruit. Whole grains. Water. Coffee.
Sugar free dairy. Pasta. Lenses and Beans. Potatoes.

Optional. Organic chicken, eggs and sustainable fish products.
All while you should say no thank you to red meat, sugar and low quality fast food.


Cardio will never hurt your health or fitness level

Daily cardio.
All year round. And even better if you get some of those precious minutes outside in the sun.

High paced, very challenging and intense cardio 1-3 days per week will further cement your quest for a harty heart and healthy body.

Quality recovery

The fourth and final pillar is not just getting the adequate recovery and sleep. But to try and live a daily life which is fulfilling for you.

Creating a healthier life is not hard at all. There are no hidden barriers in life preventing you from improving your health and fitness level.

Being 65+ of age will never keep anyone from maintaning fitness and health in body and mind. Our biological age is actually pretty detached from our current chronological age, and the actual biological age of your body and mind can be greatly reversed by making healthier choices.

 At any point in life.

So forget about past food and life style choices. or your current body shape and bodyfat %.
Health is perpetual, and so is your fitness level. It´s all about today and tomorrow, not your past.

And finally.

Something is always immensely better than nothing. Small daily stuff will in time move entire mountains.

The science of a healthy life by Mike Koontz

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